Event planning and management

This includes organizing and executing events such as tournaments, LAN parties, and other e-sports events.

Live streaming

Providing live streaming services to broadcast e-sports events to audiences all over the world.

Sponsorship management

Identifying and securing sponsorships from companies interested in supporting e-sports events.

Marketing and promotion

Developing and implementing marketing strategies to raise awareness about e-sports events and attract participants and spectators..

Esports Influencer Marketing

Talent management

Recruiting, training, and managing e-sports teams, players, commentators, and other talent.

Game administration

Ensuring that e-sports events are run fairly and smoothly, from the selection of games to be played to the administration of rules and regulations.

Technical support

Providing technical support to ensure that e-sports events run smoothly, from setting up equipment to fixing any technical issues that may arise during the event.

Fan engagement

Engaging with fans through social media, fan clubs, and other channels to foster a sense of community and keep them up-to-date on e-sports news and events.

Content creation

Creating and distributing high-quality e-sports content, such as highlights, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage, to engage fans and build a loyal following.

Virtual events

Organizing virtual e-sports events for gamers who are unable to attend live events, such as those located in different parts of the world

Community building

Building a strong and vibrant e-sports community by bringing together gamers, fans, and industry professionals to network, share ideas, and collaborate on projects.

Gaming gear and equipment

Providing gamers with access to the latest gaming gear and equipment, such as high-performance gaming PCs, monitors, gaming chairs, and other accessories